"I consider Pilla Performance Eyewear to be an important piece of my golfing equipment. The two-frame system is such a clear advantage; the putting line just jumps out at me. With Pilla glasses I have no eye fatigue and they help me remain fresh for the entire tournament".

- Kristy McPherson LPGA Professional 26th Ranked Player in the World


Pilla Performance Golf Eyewear is not your everyday sunglasses. Think of them as gear designed to enhance performance rather than just protect your eyes from the sun, though Pilla's lenses do both equally well. Hand crafted in Italy using patented, bulletproof "Ballistx" lens material, Pilla Golf provides the clearest golf sunglasses on the market.

For golfers the immediate advantage of optical performance is clear : the better one sees the better he or she can perform. With standard sunglasses depth perception is not maintained through the course of a round of golf and subsequently results in mishits from inconsistent swings and lack of optical clarity. Pilla's performance eye wear provides zero distortion that regulates the proper amount of light reaching the eye to minimize fatigue over 18 holes. 

Our golf line is designed by professional golfers and feature an open edge design - no frame on the bottom of the lens - to remove the distraction of a thick frame. With an extremely comfortable, ergonomic fit, the top of our frames sit slightly above the eyebrows, higher than normal glasses, to allow more visual reference and less ambient light. 

Pilla High Performance Golf Eyewear features a unique two frame system to manage light - one from the Tee to the Green and one frame for the putting surface.

The putting lenses are specifically formulated to accentuate brown and orange in the color spectrum by 600%, giving the golfer an ability to see the grain of grass with clarity otherwise unobtainable.

The Tee-to-Green set of glasses react to UV light exposure and adjusts the amount of light exposure to the eye to produce a comfortable visual perspective at all times while reducing eye fatigue and increasing hand-eye coordination.


The Revolutionary Two Frame System

Traditionally when golfers use standard sunglasses to play they tend to wear them only on the tee and in the fairway and remove them when it comes time to putt. The idea being that they want to be able to see the green better, and not have a dark tinted lens while putting. Pilla has revolutionized this concept by designed two pairs of glasses, one specifically for Tee-to-Green and a second pair specifically for putting on the green and maximizing the light filtration and color spectrum.


Many athletes train to reduce physical fatigue so they can maintain hand eye coordination over an extended period of time, but few consider vision and the critical role it plays in the process. Pilla's technology provides 100% distortion free lenses that manages the proper amount of light reaching a golfer's eye, therefore eliminating eye fatigue that negatively impacts performance. In addition to maintaining hand-eye coordination through light management and optically correct lenses, our rich color enhancement and increased contrast provides perfect depth of field to strike the ball at address with no visual shifting of the ball.


While the Tee-to-Green lens keeps the eye relaxed and calm, Pilla's On-the-Green lens wakes the eyes up. Switching frames to a lighter lens allows for greater transmittance of light to pass through the lens allowing your eye to see the roll and topography of the green surface with maximum visual acuity. By enhancing orange and brown in the color spectrum, the On-the-Green lens lights up the green in a way otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 
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